Bixler 3 review

It is likely a 3-axis model available in PNF (Plug aNd Fly) – Bixler 3 review, ie all the electronics are already present and installed on the aircraft. It is equipped with a 2620-1400kv Brushless Outrunner engine, 4 servo 9gr, and a 20A controller for a total weight of 890gr.

The bixler motor-glider

It is a motor-glider rather for the beginner or to make an FPV station.

The wing that is in two parts is snapped on the fuselage thanks to a new fastening system. This one is also placed higher than in version V2. It also has a tail wheel which is oriented (can be replaced by a simple plastic part)

For the FPV addict, we’ve included an optional FPV plywood mounting tray that replaces the stock sport canopy.

Adding to the ruggedness of the Bix3 is a carbon tube running the full length of the rear fuselage, all the way to the tail wheel, so slamming a fuselage in half is a thing of the past.

Carbon Tube feature

A carbon tube travels along the fuselage for more rigidity and the nose of the device is removable to house a camera.

Other practical features of the Bix3 include the large battery area that can accept a wide variety of battery sizes or FPV home equipment, plus the Bix3 also comes with optional shutters that can help cope with the extra weight. Just install your own servos 9g shutters, glue in the hinges included and you are ready. Even horns, rods, and Y-harnesses for shutters are included in the box.

This tray is ideal for setting up a camera with panning and tilting. For a fixed position camera, the nose is removable, capable of accepting small 1 inch square shape factor cameras.

The larger wing, flaps and much larger surface of the canopy mean that the Bix3 is a much more versatile aircraft in terms of using FPV and for pilots who are simply flying for pleasure. However, you decide to fly the Bix3, you can rest assured that it is just as fun and easy to fly as ever!

Bix3 Battery life

The battery compartment has been enlarged to have more space. All the elements in the kit are present to set the shutters, it will just add 2 servos 9gr. Finally, note that all the elements are removable (tail wheel, train) allowing the driver to make his own configuration of the BIX3, depending on the destination of the device. (FPV, learning).

A short time ago Hobbyking announced on its Facebook page, the release of the new BIXLER, version 3, which is named for the occasion the BIX3.

We raised the stakes on the Bix3 by adding a detachable drag drag rear landing gear including a swivel tail wheel. If you do not want to use the landing gear, we have included a clear plastic belly skid to better protect the foam body.

Here are the first images and videos of this new model. What’s new in this version, that’s what we will discover.

Let’s see what this new version brings. What we can say is that the shape of the wing and empennage changes with a look a little more ‘angular’. It goes from 1,500 to 1,550 wingspan.

The belly of the device is protected by plastic.

The two-piece wing snap together makes the Bix3 a practical model that is easy to carry around in your favorite flying field and can be ready to fly in minutes.

A slot in it is provided to put the new landing gear (train, wheels, wheel covers). It comes with a wooden platform that installs in place of the glass roof and acts as FPV platform.

Bix3 has all the ingredients; made from durable EPO foam, everything is pre-installed so minimal assembly time is required. In fact, by the time you’ve loaded a battery, it should be ready to fly! The combination of size, low wing load and sleek fuselage make it an excellent model with capable but forgiving flight characteristics.

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